Džukljev – Weber – Griener Trio

Photo: Christina Marx/Photomusix


After teaming up for two decades with prestigious reed players and some of the most original minds in the field of Jazz and improvised music, Swiss bassist Christian Weber and German drummer Michael Griener started an exicting new endeavor with Serbian pianist Marina Džukljev.
Her background in contemporary music as well as her expertise in experimental music make her an ideal partner to light the rhythm sections' rich offerings and enthusiasm.

Together they cast their colors and seasonings in an unique, often archaic compound of sound that will entertain the ones enjoying musical disputes at lightning speed as well as the everyone thirsting for well told and timeless stories from the unknown.

After presenting their music at several concerts in Berlin, they are preparing debut album recorded in Berlin (Germany) in April, 2023. in Studio Boerne and Industrie Salon.

Album coming in 2024.


Bassist Christian Weber became sought after for beefy bass layers, poisoned counterpoints and for knowing where to pack a punch.

He performs with many ensembles all over the world. Current projects include a trio with Ellery Eskelin on saxophone and Michael Griener on drums, WWW with Michel Wintsch piano/synth & Christian Wolfarth drums as well as a duo with Joke Lanz on turntables. He is also performing regularly with ensembles for contemporary composed music, filmmusic, theatre and dance productions as well as with the post-punk-dada band Sudden Infant.

In 2003 Weber received the cultural award for arts of the city of Zurich. Since 2007 he’s lecturer at the universities of Lucerne, Berne and Basel.

Weber released numerous recordings as bandleader/coleader on HatHut/hatOLOGY, Intakt, Cut, Leo, For4Ears and other labels.

He collaborated with the likes of Han Bennink, John Butcher, Lol Coxhill, Christy Doran, Paul Dunmall, Peter Evans, Pierre Favre, Gerry Hemingway, Jason Kahn, Hans Koch, Peter Kowald, Oliver Lake, Urs Leimgruber, Rudi Mahall, Norbert Möslang, Joe Morris, Irène Schweizer, Aki Takase, Stephan Wittwer, Michael Wollny, Nate Wooley and Otomo Yoshihide.

«Christian Weber’s acro drones are rich and lustrous, and when he drops individual notes in to the mix they detonate like honey bombs.» Brian Marley wrote in The Wire magazine when reviewing Weber’s «3 Suits & A Violin» (HatHut/Hatology)

More informations and full dicsography on www.christianweber.org.



Self-taught by listening to and playing with many of his elders, spent his formative years as a teenager with bass clarinetist Rudi Mahall and began his freelance career in 1988, initially in intensive collaboration with Günter Christmann in Hannover, and since moving to Berlin in 1994 has distinguished himself as one of the most versatile drummers on the current jazz scene, as evidenced by his work with Mal Waldron, Butch Morris, Tal Farlow, Evan Parker, Aki Takase, Tony Malaby and many others. Together with Jan Roder he forms the rhythm section of the band DIE ENTTÄUSCHUNG, ULI GUMPERT QUARTETT, MONK’S CASINO and various other formations.

Informed by a deep knowledge of the jazz tradition, he moves mainly in the border area between jazz and free improvisation, as for example in his trio with Ellery Eskelin and Christian Weber. In 2002 Baby Sommer brought him on as a lecturer at the Dresden Academy of Music, where he still teaches jazz percussion. In March 2006, Griener received the “Most Creative Soloist” award at the New German Jazz Awards ceremony in Mannheim. His music has been documented on numerous CD releases, including Intakt, HatHut, FMP, Jazzwerkstatt, Moers Music and many more.



Is a pianist, educator and active performer in the fields of free improvisation, classical, contemporary and applied music.

She collaborates with wide range of multimedia artists across region and further such as: Dieb13, Jonas Kocher, Tomaž Grom, Joel Grip, Michael Thieke, Noid, Szilard Mezei, Vasco Trilla, John Dikeman, Isabelle Duthoit, Tristan Honsinger, Franz Hautzinger, Bertrand Denzler, Hans Koch, Christof Kurzmann, Richard Barrett and many others.

She is a member of the quartet, septet, tentet and the large ensemble of the composer and violist Szilard Mezei, with whom she has recorded and published music over the many years of collaboration.

Marina is an active member of duos Noid / Marina Džukljev, dieb13/ Marina Džukljev, Thieke/ Džukljev, MRM trio, Flowers we are Trio, Griener-Weber-Džukljev trio, international ensemble Šalter.

Džukljev performed at the festivals and concert series in Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany…

Her music was broadcasted on National Radio and TV Stations in Serbia (RTV Beograd, Radio Novi Sad) Croatia (HRT3, Radio Rojc), Slovenia (ARS Radio, Radio Student), Austria (ORF), Slovakia…

She released many cd’s as a sideman as well as an co-author for: Leo records, Slam records, FMR records, Klopotec, kuda.org, WMAS, Interstellar Records, Bruit, Zavod Sploh.



Photo: Christina Marx/Photomusix