Marina Džukljev, prepared Piano
Raed Yassin, Synths and Electronics

This duo consist well-known figures of Europian experimental and improvised music – Raed Yassin, Berlin based multidisciplonary artist and Marina Džukljev, pianist from Serbia.

After having collaborated on several occasions, duo had a premiere in Berlin at Morphone Raum in April, 2023.
At the moment, they are preparing their debut album, exploring different electro acoustic formulas and timbres and this unique constellation.

Marina Džukljev
– Serbian pianist, educator and active performer in the fields of free improvisation, applied, contemporary and classical composed music. She is particularly recognizable for her non-traditional approach to playing the piano and exploring its sonorous possibilities, using extended techniques of playing the instrument in an original and exciting way. The unity of wide spectrum of expressive elements can be heard in her music: abstract, experimental, free jazz - all are embraced by the heritage of history of pianism.

Raed Yassin has been a key member in the Lebanese underground music scene for many years. He is a member of several bands and groups, including “A” Trio, PRAED among others. As a double bassist, he developed a personal and independent extended technique, by employing different preparations and objects on his instrument. His interest here relies heavily on textures, energies and vibrations, the density of volume and sound, rather than conventional melodic structures. As an electronic musician he uses multiple synthesizers and electronic devices to create dense and textural waves of sound.

Photo: Christina Marx/Photomusix