With Pitch Shifting

Pitch Shifting is an experimental audio-visual collaboration established in 2019 between musician Grgur Savic and visual artist Sanja Star. Continuous journey of wave motion and alternating currents through highly abstract visual and sound, performing electro-acoustic sets in close conversation, dissolving boundaries across media and genres: musical, visual, art, animation, video, improvisation, compositions, real-time performance, analogue, digital, acoustic and electronic.

Creating visual expressions and spatial arrangements of collages and animations for audio-reactive visual set, Star uses a visual semiotic system of digital motion collages, using 3D art, creative code, animation and design techniques. Recreating the sound of different types of machines, in – out scenery and other human-made objects, Savic fuses together an intermix of classical music (extended techniques), noise (aggressive confrontation and dissonance), IDM (computer manipulation and digital synthesis), minimalism and electroacoustic music.

Pitch also performs in larger groups and different music set-ups, diversifying their sound, working and collaborating with other artists, mostly musicians with contemporary approach – Richard Scott, Ute Wassermann, Rieko Okuda, Samuel Hall, Emilio Gordoa, Sofia Borges, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Tomomi Adachi, Nicolas Collins to name a few.


Grgur Savic - reeds, objects
Marina Džukljev - prepared piano
Richard Scott - modular synthesizer
Sanja Star - sonic illustration [laptop, projector]
Kühlspot Berlin, 2022

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